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INDOSTAB IL 800 Pipe Complex Stabilizer
INDOSTAB IL 800 is a heat stabilizer and lubricant system based on lead sulphate and calcium soap, specifically developed for low, medium and high speed rigid pipe extrusion. The product is available in the form of powder. The addition of any extra lubricants is not necessary except in extreme cases since this product has good of internal and external lubricants system.
Chemical And Physical Data
Appearance : Powder
Lead Content : 32.0 1.0%
Bulk Density : 0.75 0.05 kg/lt.
Moisture : 0.2% max.
Compounding Ratio Recommended
PVC Resin : 100 phr.
INDOSTAB IL 800 : 2.0 - 3.0 phr.
External Lubrication : 0 - 0.4 phr.
CaCO3 : 5 - 25 phr.
Pigment : about
25 kgs. net in PE / PP woven bag.
- Keep in dry cool storage is recommended.
- Once opened packing should be firmly closed.
All necessary safety precautions in handling Lead Compound must be strictly adhered to.