PT Inkomas Lestari was established in 1991 and was the first Indonesian manufacturer of lead chemicals and polymer additives.

Polymer additives in the form of PVC stabilizer could be devided into two kind of stabilizers which are single stabilizer and complex stabilizer.

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Single stabilizers such as Lead Stearate (PbSt), Dibasic Lead Stearate (DBL), Tribasic Lead Sulphate (TLS), Calcium Stearate (CaSt), and Barium Stearate (BaSt) use by PVC industry as additive to stabilize heat. Some industries that utilized this products are PVC pipes industry, cable industry, shoes (for soles) industry, polypropylene & ethylpropylene related industry and other PVC industries.

Complex stabilizers are used in combination with other materials, and it is used in complex packages to improve performance, hardness and solidity, and glossiness of the PVC products.

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